Benefits Garcia Cambogia|How to loss weight/fat naturally?

 Other Names of Garcia Cambogia

Scietific name is Garcinia gummi gutta
Some other local name in india are as follow:
Kudam Puli
Malabaru chinta 
Garcinia gummi
Malabar tamarind
Pot tamarind
Brindle berry
Red Mango

What is Garcia Cambogia?

Garcia cambogia  is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar Tamarind. It is pumpkin shaped fruit. The fruit color is yellow,green,red color. It blocks body's ability to make fat cell. It is used for weight loss. This fruit is found in Asian countries or south part of Asia like India. It contains Hydroxy citric acid (HCA) that helps our body to burn excessive fat. HCA fight with fight forming enzyme and stop sugar, carbohydrate resulting into fat. It also manage the level of  leptin.

Garcia cambogia

Health Benefits of Garcia Cambogia

There are so many health benefits of Garcia Cambogia. It is hundred percents natural product. It prevent disease related poor diet and obesity.

Heart Disease is one of the major problem in  our country or overall the world. Everyday many people dye due to heart attack. It caused due to blockage of blood circulation in the body. It is characterized by chest pain , headache,unconscious.  

Stroke is a condition where our brain doesn't get sufficient amount of  blood. There is deficiency of oxygen due to lack of blood. The death of brain cell and tissue. Sometime it is unknown to the patients. So proper diagnosis MRI,CT scan are done. Garcia cambogia improve the supply of blood. Our brain get nutrients and oxygen to work properly.  

Diabetes is caused due to increase or decrease of blood sugar in the body. In this disease insulin moves from your blood into cell or tissue. It is characterized by blurred vision, increase thirst, Appetite.

Hypertension is the medical condition where blood pressure is high. It may be due to blockage of vessel. Garcia cambogia also maintain High Cholesterol in  the body.

It reduces inflammation in the body. It improve the digestion property of body. After eating different kinds of food our digestive system does not work properly. It boost the action of that system. So food is digested in systemic ways. It purifies the blood. It clears toxic and poisonous buildup in the mouth or oral cavity. It cleans the fat tissue. 

It's more effective in weight loss of person. It increase the rate of metabolism which prevents from fat formation. The peel of this fruit contains high amount of Hydroxycitric acid. It blocks ATP citrate lyase enzyme which make fat in our body. It also increase the production of serotonin in the brain that make our mind positive. It lower bad cholesterol and sugar level from our body.

Other uses of garcia cambogia are as given. It's uses as  spice,pickle. At kitchen it is uses as spices in curry. People also make drinks and juices for the treatment of diarrhoea. people also use it as paste and powder. 

Garcia Cambogia Capsule

In market it is also available as supplement. It is composition of dried peel extract of garcia cambogia, green tea extract,guggul extract.

500 mg garcia cambogia extract+250 mg green tea extract+50 mg Guggul extract

This supplement work better to reduce weight. But takes time to get action on body. You have to take this 2 or 3 month for change in the body. It does not work in overnight. You have to do exercise,controlled diet to get quick result.

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 Side effects of Garcia Cambogia

Different kinds of digestive problem is seen in the body.
Dry mouth
Skin rashes

Beside these you can also get other side effects. So contact your doctor for further treatment.


People who is suffer from diabetes mellitus should take only after consulting with doctor. It may decrease you blood glucose level improper  way. 

The person having allergy citrus. Pregnant women,hypertensive patients should take advise before taking this. 

patients having other disease related to brain should contact your  physician.


We only provide information for educational purpose,knowledge. Do not self medicate it may cause harmful effects on body. Before taking any medicine contact your nearest doctor. Take proper dose as prescribed by physician.