Cucumber Health Benefits|Cucumber Nutrition Facts

 It is very important to keep the human body healthy in summer. People have to pay attention to eating and drinking habits. In summer time many people suffer from dehydration. Our body need more quantity of water. People suffer from different kinds of disease due to contaminated water and rotten food. Many people have problems of  stomach pain,diarrhea,disentry. It's bacteria become active during suffer season. Diarrhea affect's the immune system. So you have to maintain proper food in the summer season. 

One of them is cucumber. It contains 90 % water. It keeps our body cool. It is rich in phosphorus,calcium,magnesium. It is the 4th most cultivated vegetable in the world. It is one of the super food. 

These are the some health benefits of cucumber  



Boost digestive system: Cucumber  contains more fiber and water. Many people have  problem of gastric in summer season. Cucumber helps to rise the stomach PH, which assist with symptoms of acid reflux. Consumption of cucumber helps to get rid of stomach related  problem. Some examples are constipation, flatulence,acidity. 

Diabetes: Cucumber contains a hormone that helps to increase insulin. It helps in the production of required insulin in the body. It reduces the cholesterol level  and  control normal blood pressure. 

Healthy and shinning skin: Everyone like to eat cucumber. It is also beneficial externally. It treats skin irritation,sun burn. It helps to remove smoothness of the face. You have to rub pieces of cucumber on face and wash with water. It also acts as anti inflammatory properties to reduce puffiness. For this place a slice of cucumber over puffy eyes. 

Shinning Hair: It contains silica that makes our hair soft. It's used as hair rinse to get silky and shiny hair. It reduces hair fall. Regular consumption of cucumber helps in the hair growth. It contains sulfur and silicon that enhance hair growth. 

Reduce obesity: As you know that many people have problem of fat. They want to reduce weight naturally. Cucumber contains tartaric acid that helps in weight reducing. It provides energy to the body. It is easily available in the market. 

Reduce stress and hangover: It contains Vitamin B including vitamin B1,Vitamin B5,B7. These vitamins reduce anxiety problems and stress of work. It reduces hangover and headache. It contains electrolyte,vitamin B, sugar that helps to keep our mind relax. So eat some slice of cucumber daily at night. 

Protect Brain:  It improves memory power of brain. It protects nerve cells of brain declining. It contains fistein that is an anti inflammatory flavanol. It plays an important role in the development of  brain. It increase the learning power of people. 

Reduce blood pressure: According to study that cucumber helps to reduce cholesterol level. It contains a compound named as sterols. It maintains proper flow of blood in our body. It helps in the treatments of both low and high blood pressure. In our country many people have blood pressure problems. It is rich magnesium , potassium elements. It helps in blood purification. 

Reduce cancer risk: Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cell. Polyphenols is presents inn cucumber that play important role in cancer treatment. It reduces risk of breast cancer, uterine cancer,ovarian cancer, prostate cancer. It increase the life of cancer patients.

Beside these, cucumber can be used as different ways. It is used in salads,sandwiches,juices. It keeps our body healthy. It cleans our blood. It treats urine problems. 

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